Assorted Fireworks & Packs

Monster Crackling Sparklers 4 Pack


4 Pack of Sparklers


NS6109 £ 0.83 ex. VAT £ 1.00 inc. VAT

Mystic Fountain


An excellent single fountain, providing great value at a low price point.

Video link to see firework below:


NS6114 £ 1.33 ex. VAT £ 1.60 inc. VAT

Mega Shooter 5 Shot Roman Candle 4 Pack


This is a fan favourite, with five coloured fireballs in a range of colours climb high into the night sky.



NS4092 £ 15.83 ex. VAT £ 19.00 inc. VAT

Maze Runner


A spinning fountain that emits showers of silver strobe and chrysanthemum effects, silver crackles, blue and red flames and cascades of silver stars.

Video link to see firework below:


NS30420 £ 19.16 ex. VAT £ 22.99 inc. VAT

Shooting Stars & Raging Fireballs 36 Shot Roman Candles


36 whistling comets rise with goldentails from the 45cm tube to a height of over 20 feet.


NS6040 £ 19.99 ex. VAT £ 23.99 inc. VAT



Witness the splendour of our largest wheel with its endless display of effects and kaleidoscope of colours.



NS20360 £ 20.00 ex. VAT £ 24.00 inc. VAT