Barrage Packs

Mega Zoom 18 Shot Cake


A lovely little cake that sends up 18 shots of colour and noise. Fantastic value!


NS8011 £ 10.82 ex. VAT £ 12.98 inc. VAT

The Bullet 35 shot barrage


This 35 Shot noisemaker puts even a military shell to shame when it fills the sky with colour.


NS6063 £ 10.83 ex. VAT £ 13.00 inc. VAT

Battery Blitz 92 Shot Barrage


A superb 92 shot battery which shoots up silver, red and green missiles. Ejecting a powerful crackling effect high into the sky.


NS6120 £ 12.49 ex. VAT £ 14.99 inc. VAT

Nuclear Fallout 9 Shot Barrage 2pk


Firing high into the sky and bursting with bright colours.


NS6061 £ 12.49 ex. VAT £ 14.99 inc. VAT

Screaming Missiles 250 Shot Barrage


A chorus of 250 piercing screams, whistling missiles and thunder shots.


NS6013 £ 12.50 ex. VAT £ 15.00 inc. VAT

Battle Of The Planets 18 Shot Barrages 6pk


A collection of tremendous barrages offering exciting effects at an excellent price.


NS6038 £ 12.50 ex. VAT £ 15.00 inc. VAT

Earth Splitter 56 Shot Barrage


A multi-effect blitz of brightly coloured fireballs.


NS6003 £ 13.33 ex. VAT £ 16.00 inc. VAT

Proton Bomb 16 Shot Barrage


Our proton bomb barrage has sixteen awesome shots. You won't be disappointed.


NS6033 £ 15.00 ex. VAT £ 18.00 inc. VAT

Jewel Of The Nile 12 Shot Barrage


Experience the jewel of the nile with this beautiful waterfall of colour which includes silver tails to crackling, red, green, golden and silver fish.


NS6070 £ 16.66 ex. VAT £ 19.99 inc. VAT

Nuclear Strike 36 Shot Barrage


36 extravagant blue tailed shots climaxing with an assortment of red glitter, brocade crown and crackling bees.


NS6117 £ 24.99 ex. VAT £ 29.99 inc. VAT