Rocket Packs

Sky Glitter Rocket 9 Pack


A pack of 9 rockets with bursts which include coloured palms with crackling stars and silver flower effects, assorted coloured starbursts, silver chrysanthemum bursts, and silver strobe.

Video link to see firework below:


NS30515 £ 19.99 ex. VAT £ 23.99 inc. VAT

Thunder Hawk Rocket 5 Pack


These rockets offer breath taking effects and will prove to be the star of any bonfire party.

Video link to see firework below:


NS6359 £ 33.32 ex. VAT £ 39.98 inc. VAT

Massive Assault 2 Rocket 30 Pack


Feel the power, fantastic value 30 rockets, 14 varied effects. Effects: Colour Starburst, fallen leaves, willow, air whistles and swirls. Class 1.3G

Video link to see firework below:


NS6310 £ 74.99 ex. VAT £ 89.99 inc. VAT