Glass & Screen Cleaners

Glasses & Screen Cleaner 125ml


The eyeglass cleaner for safe cleaning and degreasing

HG glasses cleaner cleans and degreases greasy and dirty eyeglass lenses easily, without damaging the coating. Our freshly-scented eyeglass cleaner always ensures that your eyewear dries quickly.

Clean & dry fast

Prevents steaming up

Safe for the coating

The screen cleaner for safe cleaning without streaks

HG screen cleaner was specially developed for safe and absolutely streak-free cleaning of all types of screens, such as Plasma, TFT, LED and LCD screens. Our screen cleaner has been successfully tested on all types of screens.

Cleans absolutely streak-free

Screen cleaner spray safe for and tested on all types of screens



Screen Cleaner 125ml £ 2.50 ex. VAT £ 3.00 inc. VAT
Glasses Cleaner 125ml £ 3.33 ex. VAT £ 4.00 inc. VAT

HG glass & mirror spray 500ml


Streak-free glass cleaner

HG glass & mirror spray removes grease and dirt from glass and mirrors quickly and easily. The glass cleaner dries without leaving streaks. The spray removes all fingerprints and insects inside and outside. The product is suitable for all types of glass and mirrors and cleans glass surfaces without any effort.

Removes grease better

Dries quicker

Guaranteed without streaks



£ 2.50 ex. VAT £ 3.00 inc. VAT

HG window cleaner 500ml


Window cleaner for clean, streak-free windows

HG window cleaner is super concentrated and cleans without leaving any streaks at all. Our window cleaner cleans and degreases the windows without containing ammonia or methylated spirit. It is not surprising that our window cleaner is used by professional window cleaners.

Super concentrated

Sufficient for at least 35 washes!

Guaranteed without streaks

Professional window cleaners use it too



£ 3.12 ex. VAT £ 3.74 inc. VAT

HG stove glass cleaner 500ml


A stove glass cleaner for stubborn dirt

Do you need to clean a stove glass? HG stove glass cleaner cleans all stubborn dirt quickly and effectively, including soot, grease and tar from the panes of stoves and fireplaces.

Dissolves soot, grease and tar

For use on the glass surfaces of stoves and hearths

Also suitable for the removal of soot from bricks



£ 5.21 ex. VAT £ 6.25 inc. VAT