Kitchen Products

HG hygienic fridge cleaner 500ml


For every fridge

HG hygienic fridge cleaner, a fridge cleaner that keeps the inside of any refrigerator clean. This fast-drying, fresh-smelling fridge cleaner spray is ideal for getting a clean refrigerator; quick, hygienic and thorough.

Fridge cleaning done quickly and hygienically

No streaks

With a fresh fragrance



£ 2.50 ex. VAT £ 3.00 inc. VAT

HG descaler for espresso & pod-coffee machines 500ml


Espresso machine descaler

HG descaler for espresso & pod-coffee machines is an espresso machine descaler based on citric acid that removes scale from all types of espresso and pod-coffee machines. This espresso machine descaler works safely and quickly; it is odourless and fully biodegradable.

Based on citric acid

For 6 treatments

Works safely and quickly



£ 2.92 ex. VAT £ 3.50 inc. VAT

HG hob cleaner for everyday use 500ml


Freshly-scented hob cleaner for everyday use

HG hob cleaner for everyday use is a safe and fresh-smelling cooktop cleaner for daily cleaning of all types of induction and glass ceramic cooktops. The hob cleaner quickly and easily removes day-to-day grime after cooking, such as grease, cooking liquids, and mild scale. The cleaner ensures for quick and effective cleaning of every type of hob and cooktop.

Quickly and easily removes day-to-day dirt, such as grease, cooking liquids, and mild scale from the hob.

Suitable for ceramic hobs, induction hobs, gas hobs and glass hobs.



£ 3.04 ex. VAT £ 3.65 inc. VAT

HG grease away 500ml


The degreaser for simple and safe degreasing

HG grease away is a degreaser that removes animal and vegetable fats and food oils from stainless steel, galvanised steel, enamel and aluminium surfaces simply and safely. Grease disappears with HG grease away. With the help of this heavy duty kitchen degreaser the war on grease is easily won.

Degreaser for animal and vegetable fats and food oils

Safe to use on all surfaces




£ 3.12 ex. VAT £ 3.74 inc. VAT

HG steel polish 250ml


The best choice in stainless steel polish

HG steel polish is a stainless steel polish for stainless steel kitchen tops, pans, kitchen utensils as well as aluminium and copper pans, synthetic kitchen tops, chrome taps, kettles and electric hobs. And this stainless steel polish cleans, shines and protects all in just one treatment.

Cleans, polishes and protects

Prevents from quickly getting dirty again

Gentle to skin



£ 3.33 ex. VAT £ 4.00 inc. VAT

HG natural stone kitchen top cleaner 500ml


Natural stone worktop cleaner

Clean natural stone worktop? HG natural stone kitchen top cleaner was specially developed for quick, no streak safe daily cleaning of natural stone worktops. This product is extremely suitable for cleaning natural stone worktops, it removes grease and other grime safely and effectively without streaks after a quick wipe of the worktop.

No streak kitchen top cleaner & absolutely safe

For daily cleaning



£ 3.42 ex. VAT £ 4.10 inc. VAT

HG against bin smell 500ml


The bin freshener

Rubbish bins, but also waste buckets, waste containers, wheelie bins, and nappy bins can really start to smell, particularly because of rotting vegetable, fruit, meat or fish waste and dirty nappies. The bin freshener HG against bin smell absorbs this smell effectively and produces a fresh fragrance.

This bin air freshener absorbs smells and provides a fresh fragrance.

Also works as a bin freshener for waste buckets, waste containers and wheelie bins.

Trash can air freshener for indoors and outdoors.



£ 3.54 ex. VAT £ 4.25 inc. VAT

HG quick descaler 500ml


Effective and rapid descaler

HG quick descaler for coffee machines, kettles and washing machines removes scale and limescale in hot-water equipment, including coffee machines, electric kettles or washing machines. Our descaler removes scale and limescale effectively and is absolutely safe for the equipment.

For hot-water equipment

Removes scale and limescale

Extremely effective



£ 3.75 ex. VAT £ 4.50 inc. VAT

HG Washing Machine & Dishwasher Cleaners


The effective dishwasher cleaner

The dishwasher can begin to smell due to grease, food and soap deposits in the drains, on the filters and on the rubber seals. HG for smelly dishwashers provides a wonderfully fresh smelling dishwasher.

For a clean and fresh dishwasher

Sufficient for approximately 12 treatments

Can be used in a full or an empty dishwasher



Dishwasher Cleaner 500g £ 3.96 ex. VAT £ 4.75 inc. VAT
Washing Machine Cleaner 550g £ 5.00 ex. VAT £ 6.00 inc. VAT

HG hob thorough cleaner 250ml


The effective hob thorough cleaner

HG hob thorough cleaner safely and effectively removes stubborn grease, grime, calcium and cooked-on food on all types of induction and ceramic hobs. The effective hob thorough cleaner has a fresh fragrance and gives a protective shine. The hob looks brand new!

Removes stubborn grime and cooked-on food

Also gives a protective shine

Suitable for ceramic hobs, induction hobs, gas hobs and glass hobs



£ 4.04 ex. VAT £ 4.85 inc. VAT