Plastic Products

HG intensive plastic cleaner


Effective plastic cleaner

HG intensive plastic cleaner cleans and returns the shine to all types of dirty synthetic materials. Cleans intensively without the risk of dulling. Our plastic cleaner works quickly and safely to ensure that dirt and grease are removed easily from plastic. After cleaning the plastic, the plastic surface shines like new!

Also for paintwork and wallpaper



£ 2.71 ex. VAT £ 3.25 inc. VAT

HG UPVC “powerful” cleaner 500ml


Powerful against dirt without damaging the surface

Synthetic materials, especially in doors and window frames can become dirty and look bad. This type of dirt needs a powerful cleaner that does not damage the surface. The perfect solution for this is the HG UPVC “powerful” cleaner. The formula removes even stubborn dirt without a problem without damaging the surface.

Powerful against atmospheric contamination, nicotine and other dirt on UPVC surfaces

Perfect for all synthetic materials like doors or window frames

Gentle, does not damage the surface

Quick and easy to use



£ 4.17 ex. VAT £ 5.00 inc. VAT