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Loose Cabin Hook 4" Black



£ 1.25 ex. VAT £ 1.50 inc. VAT

Rock Salt


Rapid clear winter salt. For ice and snow. Contains: rock salt and may contain grit for extra traction.


25kg Bag ABROCK £ 3.75 ex. VAT £ 4.50 inc. VAT
3 Bags for ABROCK3FOR12 £ 10.00 ex. VAT £ 12.00 inc. VAT

Decorative Pebbles



Maxi Bag £ 4.16 ex. VAT £ 4.99 inc. VAT
Multi Buy (3 Quantity) £ 10.00 ex. VAT £ 12.00 inc. VAT
Multi Buy (5 Quantity) £ 12.50 ex. VAT £ 15.00 inc. VAT

Loose Suffolk Latch Black


Loose Black Suffolk Latch 


£ 5.00 ex. VAT £ 6.00 inc. VAT



Fenceguard is a water-based, low odour timber treatment to provide long lasting outdoor protection for rough sawn timber. The water repellent, UV resistant finish is perfect for shielding fencing and garden sheds, or any other outdoor rough sawn garden construction from the ravages of rain and bright sunlight. Fenceguard is available in 2 colours including Forest Green,  and Lunar Grey.·Brush applied timber treatment·Dries to a water repellent film·UV Stable oxide based colours·Protects against water ingress·Suitable for rough-sawn timbers

Special Offer 

3 Tubs for £15.50 Inc Vat 


Lunar Grey 5L QPALFG £ 5.42 ex. VAT £ 6.50 inc. VAT
Forest Green 5L QPALFG £ 5.42 ex. VAT £ 6.50 inc. VAT

Dark Oak


Special Offer 

3 Tubs for £18.00


5 Litre Tubs £ 6.25 ex. VAT £ 7.50 inc. VAT

Medium Oak


Special Offer

3 tubs for £18.00 


5 Litre Tubs £ 6.25 ex. VAT £ 7.50 inc. VAT

1200pc General Purpose Woodscrews


A single thread woodscrew mainly used in various types of timber and man-made boards or into masonry with the use of a plastic plug. NOTE: Partially threaded from 80mm.


3.5 x 16mm (Qty 150)

3.5 x 20mm (Qty 130)

3.5 x 25mm (Qty 220)

4.0 x 30mm (Qty 350)

4.0 x 40mm (Qty 120)

4.0 x 50mm (Qty 80)

5.0 x 50mm (Qty 65)

5.0 x 60mm (Qty 55)

5.0 x 80mm (Qty 30)

Was £18.00 - Now Only £13.00 


LTIMTRAY1200 £ 10.83 ex. VAT £ 13.00 inc. VAT

Ceramic Fan Heater 2000W


The Faithfull Power Plus Ceramic Fan Heater has been designed to provide a controlled instant heat source. Its small size makes it suitable for use in any room and is ideal for use in homes, garages, warehouses or workshops.

The heater features a ceramic PTC heating element that is highly efficient, providing instant heat on start-up. Coupled with the powerful fan, it distributes the heat over a large area, quickly bringing any room up to the required temperature. Two preset heat settings make the heater extremely economical, as the maximum output can be set at either 1kW or 2kW. The required room temperature can be set using the internal thermostat, once selected the self-adjusting thermostat will maintain the room temperature and adjust the heater's output accordingly.

For added safety the heater has a self-resetting thermal cut-out to ensure safety in the event of overheating. The heater also features a fan only setting that is especially useful on hot days by providing a cooling breeze.

Complete with 1.5m power cable and fitted plug.


Voltage: 220-240V
Settings: 1,000W or 2,000W
Self-Resetting Thermostat: 65°
Dimensions: 160 x 210 x 221mm
IP Rating: IP20
Weight: 1.7kg


Was £30.00 Now Only £25.00


£ 20.83 ex. VAT £ 25.00 inc. VAT