Tie Downs & Bungee Cords

Giant Hook Bungee Cord


The unique and patented giant hook bungee provides more space when used than a traditional bungee. Its plastic hooks with steel cores offer up to 65Kg of resistance and make it safer to use.

TUV certified.

Diameter: 8mm.
Length: 80cm.


£ 4.00 ex. VAT £ 4.80 inc. VAT

Masterlock 120cm Bungee Cords 2 Piece


The reverse twin wire hook offers twice the strength of an ordinary bungee and the rounded hook eliminates the risk of scratching.
The reverse hook bends away allowing more room to attach.
TUV certified.
Packs of 2.

The MasterLock Twin Wire Bungee Cords have the following specification:

Length: 120cm.
Diameter: 8mm
Resistance Limit: 40kg.
Colour: Dark Blue.
Quantity: 2 Piece.


£ 4.17 ex. VAT £ 5.00 inc. VAT

Faithfull Flat Style Bungee Cords


The Faithfull Bungee Set is a useful four piece bungee cord set that makes tying items down or into bundles easy. They are ideal for use in the home, workshop, garage, car, trailer and caravan.

Manufactured from a high grade rubber core with a protective polypropylene braid, these flat bungees are up to 3 times stronger than standard bungee cords, with super strong steel hooks and a smooth nylon coating to prevent scratching.

Tested according to EK5/AK8 11-01.1:2011.

Set of 4.




Max extend

Strap size

Permissible load



460mm (18in)


17 x 4mm




760mm (30in)


17 x 4mm




£ 4.17 ex. VAT £ 5.00 inc. VAT

MasterLock Bungee Set 10 Piece


Master Lock offers a simple and easy solution for storing and organizing SteelCor bungees.
Includes 8 Twin Wire Bungee Cords and 2 mini bungees
Built-in handle for easy transportation and hanging when not in use.
Frame included for simple and easy storing and organizing of bungee cords.
2x25cm, 2x45cm, 2x60cm, 2x80cm, 2x100cm


£ 13.75 ex. VAT £ 16.50 inc. VAT