Gardening Tools

Buckle Tree Ties


Strong and durable buckle tree ties with spacer to cushion between stake and tree. Ideal for securing standard and heavy standard trees to a machine-rounded stake.



23mm x 500mm (1 Unit) £ 0.83 ex. VAT £ 1.00 inc. VAT
2 Pack £ 1.67 ex. VAT £ 2.00 inc. VAT

Adjustable Plant Ties


Multi-purpose re-useable plastic Adjustable plant ties - For plants and shrubs in the garden or greenhouse

Adjustable size to attach many different varieties of plants to canes, stakes etc.

Simple 'thread and grip' design makes these plant support ties quick and easy to use whilst also being reusable year after year

Manufactured from green coloured plastic



40 Pack £ 1.67 ex. VAT £ 2.00 inc. VAT

Hand Fork



£ 2.50 ex. VAT £ 3.00 inc. VAT

Heavy Duty Refuse Sacks


Extra strong heavy-duty sacks which are ideal for general household waste, cleaning and building industry applications. They are of superior quality, with a leak resistant base.

Size: 735 x 970mm.
Bag thickness: 40 Microns.
Capacity: 96 Litres.
Pack quantity: 10


£ 3.00 ex. VAT £ 3.60 inc. VAT

Multi Purpose Snips


The Faithfull Multi-Purpose Snips have stainless steel blades that are suitable for cutting low density wire, thin metals and other light materials. They are fitted with plastic soft-grip coated handles for user comfort and feature a notched wire cutter and lock.

Ideal for general DIY use use in workshops and gardens.

Length: 200mm (8in)


£ 4.17 ex. VAT £ 5.00 inc. VAT

Pressure Sprayer 2 Litre


A 2-litre hand sprayer with a powerful pump action, manufactured from shatterproof and frost resistant materials and equipped with a pressure release safety valve. Supplied complete with brass straight and up-spout nozzles for extra versatility. Suitable for use with most garden and household chemicals, the hand sprayer is ideal for use around the garden, greenhouse and home.


£ 10.00 ex. VAT £ 12.00 inc. VAT

Bypass Secateurs


Traditional style bypass secateurs giving a clean cut to minimise stem bruising.

The non-stick coated cutting blade resists rust and reduces friction.

These secateurs have a lightweight aluminium body with comfortable vinyl covered grips.



£ 10.00 ex. VAT £ 12.00 inc. VAT

Border Fork


The Faithfull Essentials Border Fork has a head manufactured from heat treated (hardened) carbon steel to provide both strength and durability. The polypropylene and powder coated finish provide improved resistance to rust, scratches, humidity and alkalines in the soil. The handle is manufactured from tubular steel with a hard wearing polypropylene coating, making it comfortable to use.

Aimed at the homeowner, where quality, frequency of use and price are key considerations. Ideal when space is tight, typically between established plants in a garden border or vegetable patch. The small heads of these tools make them ideal for working in flower beds and for planting smaller shrubs or for someone who finds larger tools difficult to use because of the weight.

Overall length: 930mm.


£ 14.58 ex. VAT £ 17.50 inc. VAT

Pressure Sprayer 5 Litre


5 litre capacity garden pressure sprayer manufactured from a shatterproof and frost resistant material. The lance features an adjustable spray nozzle for either a concentrated or mist jet and a lock-on trigger for continuous use. Supplied complete with safety press release valve and shoulder strap. Suitable for use with the majority of garden pesticides.


£ 15.00 ex. VAT £ 18.00 inc. VAT

Fiskars GS42 Grass Shears


The Fiskars GS42 Servo-System Grass Shears have an adjustable cutting angle, up to 360°. Ideal for detailed lawn work. The Fiskars Servo-System mechanism prevents the blade from jamming allowing for seamless operations while the thumb operated locking mechanism ensures extra safety. Fitted with durable, lightweight FiberComp™ (a fibreglass reinforced polyamide handles.


Length: 344mm
Width: 42mm
Weight: 0.31kg


£ 20.83 ex. VAT £ 25.00 inc. VAT

Gardening Tools